Professional Cooking

Watch for the updated COOKING outline to include classic and modern techniques.

The ACE Professional Cooking Program includes 30 in-class sessions, field trips, and complete school uniform (monogrammed chef’s coat, chef’s pants, skull cap & apron).  A Grand Diploma is awarded to those who complete all three 10-week segments, requirements and pass the final project. Guest chefs & former graduates may come to some classes as guest instructors or to do a special demo within the class. We reserve the right to change class order, topic, recipes/techniques, or tours as listed due to unforeseen circumstances such as unavailable ingredient(s), guest instructor/speaker cancellation or other emergencies.

Part One: Professional Cooking

Class 1: Outline, Intro to the Food Service Industry, Culinary Terminology, Mise en Place
Class 2: Knives, Kitchen Tools & Equipment, Knife Skills
Class 3: Safety & Sanitation, Basic Nutrition, Stocks
Class 4: Thickeners & Mother Sauces, Soups
Class 5: Measurements, Conversions, Dairy, Basic Baking, Puff Pastry, Fruit Tart
Class 6: Egg Cookery & Breakfast Preparation
Class 7: Salads & Salad Dressings, Herbs, Spices & Leafy Green Identification & Tasting
Class 8: Chicken & Application of Basic Cooking Techniques
Class 9: Chicken Part II
Class 10: Vegetables & Produce Identification & Preparation
Field Trip #1: Day Starts at 6am meet downtown for a guided tour of LA Wholesale Produce Market, breakfast at the Pantry, walking tour of LA Wholesale Flower Market, Dim Sum lunch in Chinatown, followed by a walking tour of Chinatown (a pharmacy, a butcher shop, an equipment store & tea shop)

Part Two: Professional Cooking

Class 11: Potatoes & Other Starches
Class 12: Whole Grains, Rice, Risotto, Couscous, Polenta, Quinoa, etc.
Class 13: Pizza, Basic Pasta & Sauces
Class 14: Advanced Pasta
Class 15: Basic Meats – Understanding Cuts & Uses
Class 16: Meat Preparation Continued
Class 17: Fish Preparation, Yeast Breads and Sandwiches
Class 18: Fish Preparation Part 2
Class 19: Appetizers & Hors d’oeuvres, Tray Presentation & Garnish
Class 20: Introduction to Wine

Part Three: Professional Cooking

Class 21: Mollusks & Cephalopods – Oysters, Clams, Mussels, Scallops, Calamari
Class 22: Advanced Vegetable Cookery
Class 23: Crustaceans – Lobsters, Crabs, Soft-shell crab, Shrimp, Crayfish
Class 24: Menu Writing, Initial Discussion of Final Project – Graduation Banquet
Class 25: Game Identification and Preparation
Class 26: Basic Asian Cookery
Class 27: Basic Mexican & Southwestern Cookery
Class 28: Sausages, Pates, Terrines & Galantines
Class 29: Food Costing, Quantification, Purchasing & Organization of
Banquet Production Timeline
Class 30: Preparation & Graduation
Field Trip #2: Tour of Santa Monica Farmers’ Market, Meet & Greet with graduates, chefs and restauranteurs working in various areas of food industry, and market inspired lunch.

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