Professional Cooking Class Outline

Part One: Professional Cooking

Class 1:

Outline, Introduction to the Food Service Industry, Culinary Terminology, Mise en Place

Class 2:

Knives, Kitchen Tools & Equipment, Knife Skills

Class 3:

Safety & Sanitation, Basic Nutrition, Stocks

Class 4:

Thickeners & Mother Sauces, Soups

Class 5:

Salads & Salad Dressings, Herbs, Spices & Leafy Green Identification & Tasting

Class 6:

Measurements, Conversions, Understanding Dairy, Basic Baking - Puff Pastry, Fruit Tart

Class 7:

Egg Cookery & Breakfast Preparation

Class 8:

Chicken & Application of Basic Cooking Techniques

Class 9:

Chicken Part II

Class 10:

Vegetables & Produce Identification & Preparation

Field Trip #1

Day Starts at 6am meet downtown for a guided tour of LA Wholesale Produce Market, breakfast at the Pantry, walking tour of LA Wholesale Flower Market, Dim Sum lunch in Chinatown, followed by a walking tour of Chinatown (a pharmacy, a butcher shop, an equipment store & tea shop)

Part Two: Professional Cooking

Class 11:

Potatoes & Other Starches

Class 12:

Whole Grains, Rice, Risotto, Couscous, Polenta, Quinoa, etc.

Class 13:

Pizza, Basic Pasta & Sauces

Class 14:

Advanced Pasta

Class 15:

Basic Meats - Understanding Cuts & Uses

Class 16:

Meat Preparation Continued

Class 17:

Fish Preparation

Class 18:

Fish Preparation continued, Yeast Breads & Sandwiches

Class 19:

Appetizers & Hors d'oeuvres, Tray Presentation & Garnish

Class 20:

Introduction to Wine

Part Three: Professional Cooking

Class 21:

Mollusks & Cephalopods - Oysters, Clams, Mussels, Scallops, Calamari

Class 22:

Advanced Vegetable Cookery

Class 23:

Crustaceans - Lobsters, Crabs, Soft-shell crab, Shrimp, Crayfish

Class 24

Menu Writing, Initial Discussion of Final Project - Graduation Banquet

Class 25:

Game Identification and Preparation

Class 26:

Basic Asian Cookery

Class 27:

Basic Mexican & Southwestern Cookery

Class 28:

Sausages, Pates, Terrines & Galantines

Class 29:

Food Costing, Quantification, Purchasing & Organization of Banquet Production Timeline

Class 30:

Preparation & Graduation

Field Trip #2:

Tour of Santa Monica Farmers' Market, Meet & Greet with graduates, chefs and restauranteurs workng in various areas of food industry, and market inspired lunch at Chinois on Main

The ACE Professional Cooking Program includes 30 in-class sessions, field trips, and complete school uniform (monogrammed chef’s coat, chef’s pants, skull cap & apron).A Grand Diploma is awarded to those who complete all three 10-week segments, requirements and pass the final project. Guest chefs & former graduates may come to some classes as guest instructors or to do a special demo within the class.  We reserve the right to change class order, topic, recipes/techniques of tours as listed due to unforeseen circumstances such as unavailable ingredient, guest instructor/speaker cancellation or other emergencies.


Single Payment Option - $6,395.00 due upon enrollment.
Includes $495.00 non-refundable registration fee.

Installment Plan Option - $7,395.00
Includes $195.00 non-refundable registration fee.  

$195.00 - Registration Fee - Due upon enrollment

$3,200.00 - Installment Plan - Part 1 - Due upon enrollment

$2,000.00 - Installment Plan - Part 2 - Due before class #11

$2,000.00  - Installment Plan - Part 3 - Due before class #21


School Policy

Complete school uniform (chef's coat, chef's pants, skull hat, non-skid shoes) required to participate in class.

48 hour notice required if unable to attend Pro Cooking class or will have to compensate food cost for make up class.

Certificates will only be given to students who complete the entire course including graduation requirements.



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